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Metal Squad Apk Download | Metal Squad mod v1.1.3 Apk

Metal Squad Apk Download:I just can’t believe it how on there is a wonderful run n gun, extent this extent game for all gaming lovers and you should enjoy a lot of playing this game, you can never be seen in this type of shooting game in comparing of other shooting games.the best shooting game is like this: metal squad. You must ready to play the hottest and coolest game ever. The metal squad is the action platformer game and it is a regular + mode version individually.

You can test to run offline in the game has different stages is there in that stages your mission is simple, destroy the enemies from different weapons, throws grenades, use the wonderful features of the terrain and never stand still.

Metal Squad Apk Download for android:

Metal squad apk game is a four best soldiers and gunman and it is a non-stop classic side-scrolling action game where gamer will  battle with an army of bosses and the villains standing for their inhuman deeds.you are armed with the gun and some weapon like bomb, knife, shoot, kill and fight the enemy such as soldiers and mummy, zombie and cyborg can be using.

on the game of way has tried to save the number of prisoners and they will give you a reward.in the rewards like new updating gun in the metal squad game and new weapons, bombs, knife, sword.you must try to save to complete the number of stages and with the metal squad game on the each mission you will kill and fight soldiers crazy aliens, cyborg, zombies, mummy on the way of completing your mission.at the end of the stage boss will appear.you have to fight and kill the boss as much possible to kill the boss,

at the end of the stage boss will appear.you have to fight and kill the boss as much possible to kill the boss, after destroying the boss you will go to a next stage of the metal squad game.

Metal Squad game Download:

It is very easy to play you can choose 1 from 4 characters of the mercenary group with gun, knife, shoot bomb, sword, kill, fight, attack and defense, battle, destroy boss and battle, go to the next stage.have fun all of this stuffs.in this game you can also change in the version: you can be added the store to upgrade characters and weapons, change difficulty some ctages and added the support for the leaderboard.

in this game has android game features is also there, thanks, that is +11 3 exclusive area to include the challenging stage, Persistent battle giant bosses to challenge you , A wide range of enemies, instance, humans, etc.

Offering different weapons and shotguns etc., Possibility to choose the desired character from among the various options, Special buttons to move and shoot and other actions.in this mode version featurs is also their, that is unlimted coins, bullets, bombs and hp unlimited.


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