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Fake GPS location spoofer Pro Apk Download

The fake GPS location spoofer Pro Apk file latest version is available here. You can download for free of cost on your Android phones, tablets, and ios mobiles also. In the fake GPS location, spoofer Apk is a very cool app for all Android phones. fake GPS location has to Teleport your phone to any place in the world with two clicks on your smartphone.

In the previous versions of Lollipop needs to move system app because it required a root access only for that action can be removed later. For the fake GPS Pro Apk is used to change GPS location to the selected location.

Fake GPS location spoofer Pro Apk For Android:

It can allow a user to change the location immediately with using a joystick. When in this GPS has you can enter the latitude and longitude directly from the joystick. You can set points on the map to create a route and you can walk automatically.

In the fakeGPS Pro Apk using rooted devices, you can mock the location without enabling allow mock locations option. so please move to this app to system and app developer mode on your smartphone. In this app are helps you to set up fake GPS location so every other app in your smartphone believe you.

You can be aware of using fake GPS Pro and it’s using to find your location locked to the last mocked location even after uninstall your fake GPS on your smartphone. When it is not a bug and your GPS sensor will not be broken.

There are two ways to find and fix the location. There are,

  • You can install the GPS status from the google play store and get a fresh GPS fix. In this, you may need to repeat it in several times for 30 minutes intervals.
  • You will start your fakeGPS and set your real location and leave it for several hours. In this are you may combine and the issue will disappear in one or two days. In this using you are patient.

Download fake GPS Pro Apk Free:

This app is provided as usual and we can not any responsible for usage by the end users of our app. in this is free for downloading and with limited functionality. In this app is using for the only testing purpose. Installation and features and fake GPS Pro Apk file information are given below.

Fake GPS Pro Apk file information:

File name                   –                      fake GPS pro apk

Size                              –                        3.5 MB

Category                    –                           tools

Developer                  –                          andev

Format                       –                            apk

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